Fragrance Oil Spice


2fl oz / 59ml. spice original Rainbow Fragrance. Most asked for winter season because its spicy flavor. This scent has a mid strong-lasting smell, a bottle of this fragrance usually last about six to seven hours.

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Fragrance Oil Spice 2fl oz / 59ml. Bottle, original Rainbow Fragrance.

The Rainbow Fragrance oil spice is one of the most asked for winter season because of its spicy flavor. This scent has a mid-strong-lasting smell, an application of this fragrance usually last about six to seven hours.

Apply one squeeze of spice oil scent with the Rainbow or RainMate to flavor your home and create a touch of spicy apple environment in your home.

This product is sold by unit, but you can also buy it in a package of four bottles of spice, a bottle of spice fragrance normally last for 7 days, if you use it daily with your Rainbow or RainMate.

This is an original Rainbow Product, made in the USA by Rexair LLC.

Fragrance Oil Spice Active Ingredients

  • Aromatic Oils……………4% to 10%
  • Hexylene Glycol………..2% to 7%
  • Dipropylene Glycol……83% to 94%


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