The Minijet is the recently addition to the Rainbow accessories.

MiniJet Picture
MiniJet package Picture

This new accessory is the perfect addition to your Rainbow System, it is perfect to wash small area rugs,  carpets stairs as  well as furniture’s upholstery covers, sofas, chairs, car seats, matts, etc. Because it is small you can used in very hard access areas like carpet corners or inside your car where the Aquamate can’t.

It can be used with any Rainbow e series and up, it includes a very long hose (ten foot long) for your convenience, it attach in one end with a upholstery wash nozzle and the other one with a water/shampoo  receptacle and pump. You can use it with a Rainbow Carpet shampoo or the Rexaformer cleaning solutions for upholstery furnitures.

When you use it, you spray a mixture of water and shampoo through the nozzle into the surface, the power of the Rainbow allows you picks up any residues of dirts and stains and dry the carpet or the upholstery at the same time.

minijet use
Using the minijet in the carpet stairs

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3 thoughts on “MiniJet”

  1. I would like to purchase this to go with my Rainbow System. We have pretty much all the accessories for our Rainbow and would like to complete the family with the Rainbow Mini Jet.

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Roberta,
      We do not sell Rainbow accessories online because, every Distributor and Different countries have different prices, you will need to contact your local Rainbow Distributor in order to get the actual price.

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