Everything you need to know about your

Water Vacuum System

All you need to know about your

Water Vacuum System

more than 12 years as an Authorized Rainbow Vacuum Distributor in the past

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Alternative Fragrances, tested over years, often surpassing the originals

Why Water Vacuums?

Water-based filtration system offers superior cleaning and purification for indoor air, benefiting individuals with respiratory problems. Unlike filter-based options, it captures more particles, ensuring long-term health protection.

Why Water Vacuums?

Experience the superiority of water-based filtration in vacuum systems. Vacuums like Rainbow, Hylax, etc utilize water to effectively clean and purify indoor air, ideal for those with respiratory issues.

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The New Rainmate

The Rainbow Rainmate The new Rainmate illuminated is the famous Rainbow vacuum Aromatherapy machine,…

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