Cleaning Rainmate IL

cleaning rainmate il
cleaning Rainmate il

It is important to learn how properly clean, wash and maintain your Rainbow Rainmate Illuminated so it can last for decades.

Your new Rainmate IL is very versatile and it can be running 24/7, eventually, the constant use and the mix of the Rainbow Fragrances oils, make the water dirty and therefore clog the Rainmate fan.

If you keep using the Rainmate without regular and simple maintenance, the Rainmate will start to vibrate and make weird sounds.

Refer to the following short video to learn how to clean your Rainmate IL.
CAUTION: Cleaning Rainmate IL with hot water all the times, can eventually bend the Rainmate fan deflector and damage the Rainmate.

Also, remember to clean your RainMate water basin with soap and water, every time you change a scent. The Rainbow Fragrances are specifically designed to use with your Rainmate or Rainbow, producing better smell on the water but at the same time, they are safe for the Rainmate. Most of the non-originals scents not approved by Rexair can stain your Rainmate water basin and make it opaque, this is because they are designed for use with heated or electrical diffusers.

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Sometimes just a regular cleaning does not remove odors from a used Rainmate. Do you also, want to know how to remove a strong odor from the Rainmate basin?

REMEMBER:  Do not wash your RainMate basin into a dishwasher.

The correct water level when using the Rainmate

The Rainmate has a marked line into the water basin that shows the right water level needs to be used.

NOTE: This post and video are related to clean the New Rainmate Illuminated, if you see small variations or differences between this one and your RainMate, probably you have an older model or Rainmate.

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66 thoughts on “Cleaning Rainmate IL”

  1. D. Halliburton

    I am not able to remove the fan from the bottom of my new rainmate in order to clean it. I tried to turn it counter clockwise but it is stuck. even my husband could not twist it the 1/4 turn. How do I get it unstuck. I do not want to break it by twisting it too hard.

    1. I understand your concern about not being able to remove the fan from the bottom of your Rainmate to clean it. It can be frustrating when things seem stuck and you worry about potentially damaging the product.

      To address this issue, I would recommend trying a few gentle techniques to help loosen the fan without risking any damage. Firstly, ensure that the Rainmate is unplugged for safety purposes. Then, you can try to pull out the fan out of the metal axel, using a pair of rubber gloves or a rubber jar opener to provide extra grip and leverage while attempting to twist the fan. If it still won’t budge, you can try using a small amount of lubricant, such as WD-40 or a silicon-based spray, around the edge of the fan to help loosen it.

      Remember to be cautious and not apply excessive force, as this may indeed damage the fan or other components. If these methods do not work, it might be best to take the Rainmate to a Rainbow distributor further guidance on safely removing the fan for cleaning.

      I hope these suggestions help you resolve the issue and successfully clean your Rainmate.

  2. I have had my Rainmate for over a year and for the last couple of months it’s appears the water level doesn’t dissipate anymore. I can add clean water to the line and 3 days later it is just as full. The fan is spraying the water like normal. Nothings seems wrong. The water level never goes down.

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Denise, The Rainmate fan must have a problem or it must be clogged, check it physically and if you don’t find any damage, it is better that you take it to a nearby dealer.

    1. vladimir leon

      The Rainmate serves to purify the space of a small room but its main function is to aromatize and relax with the sound of the rain.

  3. I have a build up of mold / mildue due to us going on vacation and turning them off. How do I thoroughly clean it to make sure all the mold is gone even from inside the motor?

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi JTS, you can’t, the Rainmate motor is sealed, however you can use a Qtips with alcohol to reach inside the motor.

      1. I filled my rainmate with vinegar and let it run all day while away at work. While letting the vinegar run in my rainmate all day it dissolved the calcium and relinquished the mold. I was amazed how well the Vinegar cleaned out my purifier, plus it operated much better afterwards.

        1. vladimir leon

          Hello Tasana,
          Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you’re experiencing issues with uneven spraying from your Rainmate II. This is typically due to clogging or a misalignment within the nozzle system (fan). I recommend checking the fan for any blockages and cleaning it thoroughly. Ensure the water level is correct and that there are no foreign objects in the basin. Also be sure to reinstall your fan in a correct position sliding it all the way up.

  4. Our new Rainmate, dosen’t seem to be moving very much air. You can barely feel anything coming out so we wonder how much is going in. Seems to be running as it should and at the proper water level.

    1. While letting the vinegar run in my rainmate all day it dissolved the calcium and relinquished the mold. I was amazed how well the Vinegar cleaned out my purifier, plus it operated much better afterwards.

  5. Just rec’d a new Rainmate, seems like very little airflow going on. I have it filled exactly to the line and have taken the fan section apart to verify no obstruction. Am I expecting too much!

  6. Dang, tried cleaning the residue off in the dishwasher. Mistake, don’t do that or the base will melt! Where to get a new base?

  7. The RainMate has a water level line. What’s not clear is if the water level needs to be above the line or up to the line. In the picture on this web site, the water is clearly above the line.

    1. vladimir leon

      this is the optimum level of water (not less), try to keep this level all the time adding more water every day.

    1. Rainmate is designed to sound like rain and aromatiza a room, although it clean the air from dust particles, it is not the main function to purifies the air.

  8. Cheri Mckinney

    Try cleaning the motor qith compressed air in a can, like what you would buy to clean your laptop keypad…

  9. After using the Rain-mate for at least a decade, there is a build-up of dust on the inside of the motor and outside of the MOTOR. I do not see any videos or instructions about removing the MOTOR from the unit so that it can be cleaned. There seem to be dozens of posts about removing the post, the water fan and the cleaning the reservoir, but none of them address the dust build-up on the MOTOR itself.

    Taking it to the local sales office hasn’t helped either. The front desk person simply offers me a new water fan and post with a smile. That’s not the problem!

    1. Hi Lisa.
      I understand your concern. The Rainmate motor is sealed and can not be removed from the unit, the right way to clean it is from the outside using a brush.
      Rexair do not sell the Rainmate motor so that is why distributors can’t offer Rainmate motors for sale.
      Hope you this can help you.

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Gloria.
      You need to fill with water up to the line that is in the Rainmate water basin. The water basin have a level line marked.

    1. The Rexair approved scents build up should be easy to remove with just water, soap and a sponge. If you use a different fragrance non genuine it is probably that stained your water basin permanently, sometimes alcohol can help to remove the stain. Try and let us know.

    2. I also have super hard water and will soak my rain mate with a water/vinegar mixture. It definitely helps break down the minerals.

    1. vladimir leon

      Yes Wendy, as long as you clean very good your Rainmate after each use, there will be no problem!
      Note: Some oils do not produce any smell with the Rainmate, because Rainbow oils are made specifically designed to use in a water base container.
      Warning: Do not use any other oils other than Rainbow approved into the Rainbow basin!

      1. this comment contradicts its self. “Yes Wendy, as long as you clean very good your Rainmate after each use, there will be no problem!” “Warning: Do not use any other oils other than Rainbow approved into the Rainbow basin!”
        Note: Ive used the expensive Rainbow scents, the cheap scented oil’s from other stores, and essential oils in my Rainmate for 5 years. The trick is to not overdo it with the scent oils. Do a deep cleaning once a month and have had no issues. Because we have hard water, I also run it with a vinegar solution to clean out any buildup I cant see. You can clean out the gunk by the motor and air vents, with a toothbrush, a thin pipe cleaner, and a whole lot of patience. paying close attention to what youre doing so as to not break it.
        I currently have two Rainmate IL. they’ve worked perfectly for 5 years.

        1. How long do you run it with the vinegar solution and what is your mix ratio? Thank you in advance!

          1. I prefer to use Rainbow Fresh Air instead vinegar. Or use a cloth with alcohol.

    1. I have a build up of mold inside mine due to us going on vacation and turning it off while we were gone. How do I clean the entire thing?

    1. vladimir leon

      The process to clean the old Rainmates and the new ones is the same, you can use this video for clean your Rainmate too.

      1. At the bottom of the tip that spins in the water it just started accumulating a white crystallization substance. Do you know what this is from? I’ve had it for about 1 year and have cleaned it properly and only used rainmate authentic products.

        1. vladimir leon

          Sometimes, if the Rainmate is used for a long time with the same water, or left off for long periods with water and fragrances, oil residues from the fragrances can accumulate on the bottom walls of the tank. did you tried to clean the water basin with a cloth and alcohol?

    2. vladimir leon

      The process to clean the old Rainmates and the new ones is the same, you can use this video for clean your Rainmate too.

        1. Rhonda, sometimes dirt and time can make the deflector stick, but if you try to pull it out a little bit harder, it will eventually go off.

        2. Rhonda, remember that the Rainmate fan is twist off while the fan come out pulling it out. Please take a second look of the video for more reference.
          Note: Some Rainmate model do not allow the fan to twist off (it is a whole assembly), but if you pull the deflector out you can still clean the whole part. Let me know if you could remove it.

          1. Rhonda Christian

            I took it apart as per the video. Put it back together as well. It’s functional, but doesn’t seem to be performing like it did.

      1. vladimir leon

        Hi Glenda, unfortunately, We do not carry parts of any Rainmate for sale, I think Rexair stop selling the Rainmate repair kit. My suggestion is to try to contact Reaxir LLC for more precise information.

        1. Teresa, the motor housing of the Rainmate is a sealed case, it can’t be opened to be cleaned, so the only way to clean it is blowing air.

    3. You don’t. You can’t get it apart and you can’t get the gook off the bowl. This is my first time to post a comment.

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