Rainbow vacuum fragrances are designed exclusively for use with any Rainbow┬« model or RainMate (aromatherapy). These oil/fragrances formula are perfect for used in the water. Make your home ambient fresh and smelling just like you want. Use only Rexair approved products with your Rainbow.

14 different scents to choose

Rainbow Miami have the smell  you like, ten different Fragrances to choose from, eucalyptus to medicate  your home air, pine  and spice are perfect for winter, gardenia and violet for spring, summer is for orange and lemon and Apple or vanilla in fall, berry is nice any season. We also have the luxury collections to indulge your sense which  fragrances design for spa like mood. Tea tree mint, lavender juniper, mandarin  rosewood  and orange ginger. You can get any of these fragrances from our online shop

Meet our most famous Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances

Eucalyptus Pack 1
Eucalyptus Pack

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Pine Pack 1
Pine Pack

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Orange Pack
Orange Pack 1

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances”

  1. Monica Washington

    So disappointed on the scents and strength of the scent. Compared to the ones I bought with my rainbow these where not strong and don’t last.

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Monica,
      Rexair genuine Fragrances are kind of soft in general, however, some scents like Eucalyptus, violet or orange are a little more strong. We are working in get more Strong Fragrances that last longer and do not damage the Rainbow basin like the Eucalyptus with menthol, please keep in touch.

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