Where is the Rainbow and Power Nozzle Serial Number?

Knowing where is located your Rainbow serial number is very important for registering and claiming your machine warranty. Some Rainbow dealers will ask you for your Rainbow or power nozzle serials in order to send a part to Rexair for warranty.

Before to buy a Rainbow

Rexair do not allow any distributor to sell new Rainbows over the internet, so it is almost sure that all Rainbows sold throughout any marketplace like Amazon, eBay, etc is not a brand new unit, even if they describe it as a new product.

If you want to verify before to buy a Rainbow if the unit is, in fact, brand new, or if it was sold before, you can ask the seller for the serial number and contact any authorized Rainbow distributor for information related to this particular Rainbow.

Sometimes online re-sellers are not happy to give you this information because they know you will discover that the Rainbow is used.

In the last case, you can use this video to know where the serial number is and ask the seller to send you a close up picture of the area related.

Check the video below for instruction about to find the Rainbow and power nozzle serial number.

What else can I do with my Rainbow serial number?

If you know your Rainbow serial you can contact us for more information about your Rainbow purchase, like the day of purchase, the expiration of your warranty or even the name of the Rainbow representative who sold the Rainbow to you.

Did you loan your Rainbow to somebody and they give you back a different one? If you have any doubt check your serial number.

If you didn’t record your serial number before to loan the Rainbow, you can contact us to check if this unit was sold to you.

What does the serial number mean?

The Rainbow serial number has two parts. The number on the top is the actual Manufacture Serial Number of your Rainbow while the 3 numbers on the bottom are the Manufacturing Date.

You can read the Manufacture Date in two parts:

  • The first number is manufacturing quarter of the year.
  • Two last number is the Year of the manufacturer.
Rainbow serial and manufacture date
Rainbow serial and manufacture date
What is my Rainbow Model?

If do you want to know what model is your Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, please enter the information below.

Number of Answers

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120 thoughts on “Finding the Rainbow and Power Nozzle Serial Number”

  1. Hi! I tried using the to to find what model I have but it wasn’t working. The serial number is 20646579

  2. My serial number is 3109966 (299). Shows Model E-2 on sticker inside; e series on canister insignia. Do I have a Gold series?

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Nikki.
      The E-2 model e SERIES Rainbow divides into two versions, with the second one taking effect on 03/27/00 and bearing the serial number 9280000. The second version features a conveniently detachable rear cover, making HEPA filter replacement a straightforward task. In contrast, the first version requires the removal of four screws to access the HEPA filter.

  3. Nicole Juhnke

    Hi—My serial number is 40445551 413. What model do i have? I need to order a part for it. Thanks!!

  4. Hello. My serial number is 21209594. What model is it? I need to replace the water bowl. Is there a particular part number?

  5. Hello, do you happen to know or could find out what the CPT code for the Rainbow SRX (RHCS19) unit is?
    This is for those of us trying to see if our insurance companies will cover our purchase of the SRX unit.
    (Personally, it is already helping with previously diagnosed asthma symptoms, and our doctor already agreed to write a prescription if we can get documents from our insurance. Our insurance requires both a “CPT” and “Billing” codes, to which our doctor provided the billing but informed us that the “CPT” must be provided by the device’s company.)

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Scott.
      I am not aware of any dealer that provides a CPT code when selling a Rainbow. What we do provide with the equipment is a certificate as a friendly system for people with asthma and allergies and also a certified air cleaning to your home environment. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) certifies that the Rainbow is a proven air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

  6. Inherited a rainbow from my niece it’s different than the one I had back in the day! Serial#40958007 217. There’s no manual and I don’t know how far to fill water basin, etc. thank you!!

      1. I am trying to determine the model of my Rainbow vacuum. The serial number is 20887351-215.

  7. I see 9487502 and 102. I bought this used at an auction a nd didn’t know it needed filters. Can you tell me what model I have?

    1. vladimir leon

      You guys bought a Rainbow e SERIES model E2, and this Rainbow only have one HEPA filter in the back as a backup.

  8. Hi there! My serial number is 116 21003557, what is this model? I need to purchase a replacement pan.

      1. Jennifer Jones

        My model number is 21238553 and the 3 numbers are 317. What model is this and is the manufacture year 2017?

    1. I see 9487502 and 102. I bought this used and didn’t know it needed filters. Can you tell me what model I have?

    2. Hello! My serial number is 315 40724267, what is the model? I need to see if I am under warranty still.

  9. Melanie Young

    I purchased a Rainbow vacuum used that had everything but the powerhead. I want to save up for a replacement powerhead but don’t know what model I have.
    Serial # 20261070
    Manufacturing # 311

  10. Hello I have a rainbow serial number 417 21297130 could you let me know what model I have

    Thank you

    1. 021461382 And 119
      Need a new power want & want to get the right model do I order the correct item

      Thank you


  11. Kelley Robbins

    I inherited my Rainbow from my mom and don’t have the manual. My serial # is 01418484 with 408 below.

    What kind of Rainbow do I have, and which water pan should I order if I accidentally melted (long story) the original?

    Many thanks!

      1. Patricia Abeyta

        Mine is 01442204 109 which machine do I have and what parts do I need to shampoo upholstery? Ty

        1. Your Rainbow is a Rainbow E2 type 12 Silver, For exactly what types of accessories to use to clean your furniture upholstery with shampoo, it is best to contact your dealer or distributor and explain what surfaces you want to clean.

  12. Becky M Mcdougall

    Hello! the numbers on my machine are 9280771 200 can you tell me what kind of machine this is? it has gold color . I do not find a serial number on the power nozzle but the Model is PN-2E. thank you!

    1. Hi Becky you have a E-2 model e SERIES second version, The second version became effective after 03/27/2000

  13. I am looking at a Raianbow with model number 20737383 (last number not very clear) 214
    can you tell me what model that is?

    1. sheri skrzyniarz

      I gave model pn-2e, i need a manual. It doesnt show a serial no but it says e series and its black, can you help me? Thank you

  14. Glenda Whisenhunt

    I purchased a used Rainbow Vacuum E-2 model from a very elderly lady.
    I do not see a model number on the machine.
    How can I figure out what Version is it ?
    I am wanting to buy some accessories, but I dont really know the specifics of what they are asking.
    They want to model what Version 1 or 2?
    1 speed or 2 speed: I think it is 1 speed from what I can tell

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Glenda. Did you see below the electric cord as shown in the video? Serial number most be there if the Rainbow is manufacture after 1998, if your rainbow is older than 1998 you probably have a SE serie and the serial number will be on top of the intake hole( at front face, where the hose is connected), please let me know if you find the serial number

      1. vladimir leon

        Michelle, your Rainbow model is Rainbow E2 Series Black, so if you need a power hose (electrical hose with the handle and trigger, the one that comes standard with your Rainbow) It needs to be compatible with e2 series Black.

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Karen, Your rainbow model is e2 series and the manufacture date is first quarter of 2015.

  15. Karen McLaughlin

    I have a complete Rainbow system of cleaning products. What is the Model and manufacture date for my Rainbow with number on power nozzle: 40646617 112

  16. What type of rainbow do I have? Serial #20858501 Mfg date 511
    When we vacuum the machine goes on and off when moving the vacuum back and forth while vacuuming. Is there a switch in the hose that may be worn out for was alway put the switch on hold when vacuuming weekly.
    What part should I be purchasing to replace the switch?

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Kath, this can be different things, but most common problems are a water basin overfilled or foaming in the water.
      Also there is a switch under the rainbow that avoid the machine to run without the water basin in place, this switch can turn the Rainbow on and off when moving the machine if you do not secure the basin to the Rainbow using the side latched, please be sure you latched the basin before use the Rainbow.

  17. My Rainbow is time stamp 115 and serial number 20864883.
    I assume it’s a E2 Black, am I correct? Thanks for your help
    and hope this isn’t a duplicate query. Had trouble submitting it.

  18. Richard Wilcox

    I was wondering if you could tell me what model I have the serial number is 2011232
    Thank you

  19. richard Bradley

    i have a old rainbow vacum cleaner is it worth anything its model 2 serial number 4134078 can you help me thanks

    1. Rainbow SN 21033019. The 3 digits are stamped above, not below, and are 116. I assume it was manufactured in the first trimester of 2016. What model is it?

  20. All I have is Rainbow No. 7150487. What Model number is that equivalent to? I need to replace Water basin and don’t know if it is D3, D4, SE or D3C or D4C. Your help is appreciated.

    1. I have a rainbow e2 series. Serial number is 01493847 date 110. Can you tell me the series, version & year? Thanks.

    1. Hi David.
      The number on the top is the actual Manufacture Serial Number of your Rainbow while the 3 numbers on the bottom is the Manufacture Date (trimester and year of manufacture), we update this post thanks to your comment. Thanks for your feedback.

      1. I need to know what kind of rainbow vacuum I have any I don’t know how much I have left to pay on it

        1. Hi Grace, let me know the 3 digits stamped below the Serial number, so I can let you know which model you have, and in order to check your payoff you will need to contact your selling distributor.

          1. Hello I need to order a part for my rainbow and/or see if I still have warranty on it will you please let me know which model I have. The serial # is 40724267 315. Thank you in advance.

        1. Hi I’m buying a Rainbow E2 series vacuum cleaner S/N 21267606 from someone and would like to know for sure if this is the version 1? or the version 2? of the E2 Black model?

          1. Was given a Rainbow. Only have the model number, which is, R-4375C. It says its an SE.

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