Setting up Rainbow Vacuum and How to use it

Setting up Rainbow Vacuum

You got your Rainbow and need to know how to start using it. Don’t worry this post will help you to set your Rainbow vacuum.

Filling the Water basin up to the right level

Filling the Rainbow with water up to the right level is very important. If you fill the Rainbow with less water than required, the Rainbow will reduce the capacity to trap more dust and dirt.

More water than normal can make the rainbow go off by itself to prevent water spills.

Fill the Rainbow up to the middle of the water basin where the filling mark is. The same level is flush with a water basin middle dome.

How to lock the water basin in place

Use the two side locks the Rainbow vacuum has in order to lock the water tank in place.

If you do not lock the water tank correctly the Rainbow suction can leak therefore reducing the efficiency of the Rainbow.

Set the Rainbow in the wheels

The correct sequence is:

  1. Lock the water tank in the Rainbow Vacuum
  2. Then put the Rainbow into the dolly

Be sure to align correctly the Rainbow with the wheels so the dolly can lock correctly

Connect the Rainbow hose correctly

Rainbow Electrical Hose

There are two different types of Rainbow hose, the regular and the electrical. Any Rainbow hose needs to be attached to the intake hole, with the looking tabs facing left and right not up and down (look at the video for more reference).

The electrical hose has an electrical connection in the hose end where it is connecting to the Rainbow, so you will need to open a little window in the intake face of the Rainbow in order to connect the electrical plug in addition to the side locking tabs.

Setting the Rainbow Video in English

Setting the Rainbow Video in Spanish

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6 thoughts on “Setting up Rainbow Vacuum”

  1. I was given a practically new Rainbow and have no idea what I am supposed to do to set it up for use! Someone please help me!

    1. vladimir leon

      To set up your Rainbow vacuum, first fill the water basin to the fill line with clean water, and attach it to the main unit. Connect the power unit to the water basin securely. Attach the hose to the front of the power unit, and then choose the appropriate cleaning head for your task, attaching it to the other end of the hose. Finally, power on the vacuum using the switch on the main unit. For detailed instructions and information on using various attachments, visit Rainbow Vacuum Setup. If you encounter any issues or have specific questions, feel free to ask for more help.

    1. The Best is to watch a Rainbow demonstration, maybe you can contact a distributor and refer a friend to watch the demonstration, and be there with your friend the day of the demonstration.

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