Power nozzle basic maintenance

Power nozzle basic maintenance

The Rainbow power nozzle basic maintenance is recommended to keep your Rainbow carpet cleaning in good shape.

Why it needs maintenance?

Power nozzle is a very powerful attachment designed by Rexair to clean your carpets and rugs, however, eventually, the dirt and loose hairs stick inside the power head roller brush reducing its efficiency.

Additionally, the power head roller brush is operated by a rubber belt that elongate with the normal use. You will need to change the rubber band once it is worn and before it broke.

Power Nozzle comes with an extra spare rubber belt enclose in the bottom part of the power head.

How to open and close the power nozzle bottom cover

In order to access the Power Nozzle roller brush drive shaft and the spare rubber belt you need to open the bottom cover.

This is the first step to clean and service your power nozzle, there are two different models of power Nozzle cover. Check the videos below to see which one you have.

Old power nozzle bottom cover

New power nozzle bottom cover

How to open and close the Power Nozzle Illuminated

Clean power nozzle manifold

Once you open the power nozzle bottom cover you need to clean the intake manifold of accumulation of dirt, loose hairs and any other material that is covering the intake. Check the video for reference.

How to change the power nozzle driving belt.

This step is very important to do it the right way. Once you replace the old rubber belt around the roller you need to reset the roller brush in the same position it was before. This step is very important because if you reposition the roller in the wrong way the power nozzle will not suck up dirt but it will blow and spread the dust instead.

Use the Power Nozzle roller notch in order to have a reference of the roller position. Before to remove the roller brush pay attention of the position of the notch so you can re-position later in the same side.

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