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Buy a great variety of Rainbow Fragrances, assorted scents packages tailored to your needs or pick up a single bottle or two. This is the only place online you can do this.

Variety of Scents

We have all genuine and approved Fragrances aromas by Rexair for you to choose.

Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus/menthol, Orange, Lemon, Violet, Vanilla, Apple Blossom, Pine, Berry, Gardenia, Spice, Luxury Tea Tree Mint, Orange Ginger, Mandarin Rosewood, Lavender Juniper and more…

Original Rexair Fragrances

Rexair Rainbow vacuum fragrances are made in the USA. Designed to be used with your Rainbow Vacuum or RainMate, Use only genuine Rainbow Vacuum scents, in order to optimize and keep in good shape your Rainbow or Rainmate.

Other Approved Fragrances

We have tested other concentrated Fragrances for several years and found some fragrances suitable and safe for use with the Rainbow and Rainmate. You can find these scents below, they last longer than regular fragrances because they are more concentrated scents.

Why not Approved Fragrances

  • Some other generic fragrances can stain the Rainbow water basin.
  • Most of the fragrances sold on the street are designed to be used in candles or heated, therefore they don’t produce enough scent into the Rainbow or Rainmate water.
  • In other circumstances, the fragrance scent is so strong, that the smell can stay in your Rainbow Hepa filter forever, so when you’d like to change your aroma, it will be impossible.

Rainbow Fragrances and scents


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