Mulberry Oil Scent

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Mulberry Oil concentrated Scent, 2.0 fl oz bottle. The essence of Mulberry is basically sweet and fruity with woody touches, very common in chewing gums. 

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WVM mulberry with dropper

Experience the delightful and enchanting aroma of Mulberry with our Mulberry Oil Scent. This concentrated fragrance is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or office. The essence of Mulberry is a harmonious blend of sweetness, fruity notes, and subtle woody touches, reminiscent of your favorite childhood chewing gums. Our Mulberry Oil Scent is a favorite among both children and adults, making it a versatile choice for any space.

Fragrance Notes:

Indulge your senses with the captivating scent of Mulberry. As you diffuse this fragrance, you’ll be greeted with a burst of sweet and juicy fruitiness, reminiscent of freshly picked Mulberries. The fragrance also carries subtle woody undertones, adding depth and complexity to the overall aroma. Let the Mulberry Oil Scent transport you to a world of delightful memories and create a comforting ambiance in your home or office.


  • Concentrated Mulberry Oil Scent
  • 2.0 fluid oz Plastic Bottle
  • Drops applicator included
  • Concentrated formula lasts longer than regular Rainbow scents
  • Just 7 to10 drops provide 6 hours of use
  • Tested and safe to use on Rainbows and Rainmate

Transform your space into a fragrant paradise with our Mulberry Oil Scent. Experience the joy of Mulberry’s sweet and fruity aroma, enhanced by woody touches. Shop now and indulge in the enchanting scent that will captivate your senses.



Weight0.12 lbs
Dimensions6 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

2 reviews for Mulberry Oil Scent

  1. Christa (verified owner)

    Very nice multi smells

  2. Sherry Nelams (verified owner)

    Pleasant, subtle scent…very relaxing!

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