Tropical Scents Concentrated Fragrances Pack


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This is a concentrated scent of Tropical Scents Fragrance Pack, a bottle of 1.6 fl oz.

Tropical Scents Fragrance Pack Notes

This package of fragrances with tropical, fruity, and citrus scents will transport you to a warm and relaxing atmosphere, like a beach or tropical island in the Pacific.
Use any of the 4 scents in your home or office, when you want to relax or have a Hawaiian party with friends.

Unleash the power of tropical scents in your home with this 4-pack of concentrated fragrances! With a mix of orange, tropical fruits, tropical breeze, and summer melons, you’ll get a truly unique aroma that will transport you to the islands. Plus, the 1.6 fluid oz bottles feature a convenient drops applicator for easy use. Make every day feel like a vacation with Tropical Scents 4 Pack!

Tropical Fruit:

This fragrance is a mix of tropical fruit flavors, sweet and a bit citrusy at the same time, with 1.6 oz of pure sunshine tropical island smell.

tropical breeze with dropper

Tropical Breeze:

A refreshing smell of a tropical breeze, just a little sweet and citrusy at the same time.

summer melons with dropper

Summer Melons:

Contains the same sweet flavor of a freshly cut yellow melon.

Orange Scent white BG


Tropical orange scent, if you have ever been to the orange groves of Florida, this fragrance will take you back and you will feel a unique citrus smell

Use this fragrance by applying a few drops in your Rainmate or Rainbow basin with water.
This concentrated formula lasts longer than the regular Rainbow scents, with less amount for each use, just 5 to 10 drops is enough for 5 hours of use. each bottle includes the drops applicator.

This fragrance is tested by us and is safe to use on Rainbows and Rainmate.


  • Concentrated Tropical Scents Fragrance Pack
  • Includes: 1 Orange
  • 1 Tropical Fruits
  • 1 Tropical Breeze &
  • 1 Summer Melons
  • 1.6 fluid oz
  • Plastic Bottle
  • drops applicator included
  • Concentrated Fragrance
  • Safe to use on Rainbows and Rainmate.


Weight0.815 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 8 in


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