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Concentrated 16 fl oz / 473 ml bottle, kill germs, bacterias and get rid of strong odors in your home using only half cap.
On sale for a limited time only.
Don’t allow everyone to get the flu at home, killing the germs and bacterias in the air with the new Rainbow Fresh Air

Do not worry, no one will know you have a dog at home or just cooked fish for lunch.

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The Rainbow Vacuum Air Freshener and disinfectant, this is the new Rainbow D&A or fresh air, 16 fl oz / 473 ml big bottle, this product is concentrated. A small bottle of Fresh Air is also available.

Disinfect, kill germs and Bacterias.

The new Fresh Air big bottle is specifically designed to refresh your indoor air, killing germs and bacterias making your home smell clean even hours after cleaning with your Rainbow. Because it is so concentrated, one bottle can last for months. Pets love it, it’s smell so clean, that you will want to use it while you are cleaning your home. It makes a perfect duet with your Rainbow, just add a half cap of Fresh air concentrate into your Rainbow water basin turn it on and clean, That’s it.

Perfect to eliminate odors from a dirty Rainmate or Rainbow HEPA filter.

Do you have a Rainmate that never has been cleaned since you got it? or want to get rid of a strong odor from the Rainmate basin? The Fresh Air concentrate formula is perfect for that. After clean the Rainmate use a full cap of Rainbow Fresh Air and let the Rainmate running all night long. Click here to learn how to clean your Rainmate.

If your rainbow stinks during running, it is probably because of a HEPA. Check here to see why the Rainbow get a bad smell. In order to remove this bad small, you’ll need to remove, clean and replace your HEPA filter and then run the Rainbow with a full cap of Fresh Air for about 2 hours continuously.

Why use Genuine Rainbow Air Freshener?

This is an original Rainbow Product intended to use with your Rainbow Or Rainmate. Because the Rainbow wash the air into a whirlpool of water, Rexair designed the new fresh air to make little or no foam at all.

Note: If you use non-genuine products with your Rainbow, chances are that those products will cause foam. Your device will shut off to avoid foam or water spill. Eventually, this can cause damage to your Rainbow or HEPA filter.
Use only one or half cap into the Rainbow water basin.

This formula is specifically designed for:

  • Get rid of your home strong odors like fish, tobacco, pets, fried food, paint, etc.
  • Kill germs and bacterias in your indoor air.
  • Use it for renewing your Rainbow HEPA filter for bad smells.
  • Make your home smell more healthy

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8 reviews for Air Freshener

  1. Pamela minker

    I’ve been using this for 30 years & now my kids do also! Love the fresh smell!

  2. win


  3. Angie

    Is there any expiry to this fresh air liquid?

    • vladimir leon

      Yes the expiration date it is stamped in the bottle.

  4. Jennifer Stephens (verified owner)

    It doesn’t smell the same as what they used during the demonstration. So I’m wondering if it’s sanitizing like we were told it would. Today we put it in the Rainbow and turned on high , while we were outside doing yard work. After a few hours when we returned. There was chunks of white stuff, like lard, greasy, waxy. I know this isn’t something coming from my air. This don’t happen when we use the orange or berry scent. We aren’t satisfied at all.

    • vladimir leon

      Hi Jennifer. This is the new Rexair Air Freshener formula which is more concentrated, it does kill germs and bacteria in the air just add one cap of liquid instead of two as before. More than 1 cap can produce the white color and foam in the water and mixed with the air dust always turn the water into a little greasy, but this is normal.

  5. Aganetha Dyck

    I like it

  6. Jean Hart (verified owner)

    This air freshener smells great and deodorizes nicely!

  7. Carolyn Havard (verified owner)

    it does not really have a smell of anything so I don’t care for it

  8. aapling71 (verified owner)

    Love the clean smell

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