Frequently, many customers ask me if they can use other fragrances than Rexair’s originals on their Rainbow and Rainmate. In this post, We are going to explain to you everything related to using non-Rexair scents with your Rainbow and Rainmate.

Rexair Fragrances vs Alternatives scents

The main difference between an original Rexair fragrance and the others, is basically that Rexair makes its scents for use exclusively with Rainbow and Rainmates. That means, that they are made so that the smell lasts when mixed with water and prevents them from staining the Rainmate and Rainbow’s water basin, as well as assuring its customers that its use is safe to inhale.

In fact, most Rainbow fragrances smell less than those sold on the street, however, some scents such as eucalyptus, violet, berry, or orange have a strong and lasting smell.

Alternative fragrances are generally stronger but are manufactured for uses other than water, such as diffusers, or to be heated.

In the market, there are several good fragrances, expensive and quite safe to inhale, but not all can aromatize when mixed with water.

When we talk about price, we can say that Rainbow fragrances are generally more expensive than others in the market, however, there are many other famous brands that can cost more

Why Rexair does not recommend Alternatives Fragrances?

RainMate IL And Fragrances

It’s basically because Rexair can’t recommend something they haven’t tried. Some fragrances may be perfectly safe for humans and pets and not harm the Rainbow but some others may not. Even though some oil scents can smell good in your Rainbow or Rainmate, they could stain your Rainbow basin permanently. 

Due to the last, Rexair does not accept warranty claims if any damage was due to the use of unapproved fragrances

Use alternatives Fragrances in Rainmate and Rainbow

There are some alternatives on the market that can be used in Rainbow and Rainmate without damaging the basin and are perfectly safe for human use.

However we can not recommend any ones if we do not try before for a long period of time, so it will always be your responsibility to use alternative fragrances in your Rainbow

Safe Alternatives in the market

Regarding our experience with other fragrances other than those of Rexair, we can say that we have tried and used many of them for quite some time to say that they are safe. 
These Fragrances are concentrated, stronger, and normally last longer than the Rexair ones, so these are a good option if you want to use them with your Rainbow or Rainmate.

In the same category, we also have the Eucalyptus with menthol in big and small sizes.

Try our concentrated and long-lasting fragrances

They’re perfect for use with your Rainbow or Rainmate! We’ve tried and tested various other fragrances, and we can confidently say that they are safe and effective. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your space with our superior scents. Order now and experience the difference!

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Vacuum fragrance Alternatives”

  1. I own an exotic animal rescue. Birds and other exotic animals have sensitive respiratory. Are your fragrances safe for them to breathe

    1. Our fragrances have not been tested on exotic animals. However, they have been successfully tested in cats and dogs for inhalation.

        1. vladimir leon

          Please consider using less strong fragrances, such as eucalyptus, orange, lemon, pine, or eucalyptus with menthol. You can also use less quantity, remember that these fragrances are concentrated and it is only recommended to use a few drops in the water.

    2. Sabrina Herptile specialist

      As a fellow keeper of exotics for many years, I 100% consider the RainMate a beneficial aid to reptiles and aves as the internal respiratory systems function VERY similarly. While I have used the RainMate for several years, I have only added specific scents and a small amount as to not overwhelm the animal with a drastic change. Typically this will cause stress not medical associated issues if done. Scents such as eucalyptus rather than fruity smells should be used as it does more of a cleaning property vs scent coverage. We have experienced no issues in roughly 5 years of use but several pros! The release of light moisture into the air and cleans it really well. It doesn’t “make” humidity but with heat can raise it. Dusty substrates that leave coatings on everything have drastically decreased as well. Our monitor was prone to respiratory infections and since adding our RainMate, he has experienced ZERO complications and improved his health. African grey is trained to turn it on and off, often likes to fan in front of it repeating “I feel pretty.” If they become fond of it, cage them at night or you will notice them having an “unwanted” attraction to it due to the light vibration.

  2. Jennifer L Sepulvado

    I just bought rainbow 4 months ago. Store gone post office. What alternatives. Recommend. I trying clean mold, use smell. We got direct hit from idea

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Cyndi.
      The Rainbow Fragrances are designed to be diluted in water in order to smell, most diffusers heat the oils so Rainbow fragrances don’t smell in those diffusers, the Eucalyptus with menthol however does work in any diffusers.

        1. vladimir leon

          Hi Nbyers, All the Rexair fragrances and the one we tested for the Rainbow are safe for pets to inhale, but they can be harmful to ingest. the same is for humans.

          1. Are all the fragrances safe for cats. If there are some that are not good please list.
            Thank You
            Donna B

          2. vladimir leon

            Hi Donna, All the Rexair fragrances and the one we tested for the Rainbow are safe for pets to inhale, but they can be harmful to ingest. the same is for humans.

          3. What are the Rainbow fragrance considered to be? Are they an oil or are they water and alcohol based?

            How is it that you only smell the last scent of the fragrance that was added and not all the others that were added prior?

  3. I’ve noticed that the Fragrances Ltd scents work well to diffuse in the Rainbow and Rainmate. But beware that if they cloud the water into a white milky substance, then it’ll stain the basin! The eucalyptus menthol oil slightly discolored my new basin. I decided not to use it in my new basin and now I keep the old original basin the machine came with as my fragrance diffuser basin. I use the new clear basin for cleaning only. I would recommend to have two water basins for different tasks.

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Axel, thanks for your comments. We prefer to use the eucalyptus menthol oil only in the Rainmate, the Rainmate basin does not get stain with the oils. But, your solution to use only one Rainbow basin for the eucalyptus menthol oil is perfect.

          1. vladimir leon

            Using DoTERRA or any essential oils not specifically designed for use in Rainbow vacuums is generally not recommended. While essential oils like DoTERRA are popular for their fragrances and therapeutic properties, they are not formulated for use in water-based vacuum systems like the Rainbow.

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