Troubleshooting a Rainbow

Welcome to our article where you can discover the most common issues and causes related to the Rainbow vacuum cleaner, along with potential solutions. We aim to help you quickly identify and resolve any problems, enabling you to get your vacuum up and running smoothly.

It’s important to note that these reported issues are often not inherent problems with the Rainbow Vacuum itself but rather user oversights or misuse. If a specific solution is not mentioned for a given issue, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form. Additionally, we always recommend contacting your nearest Rainbow distributor for more significant faults or problems.

We encourage you to use the comments section of this article to share any unique malfunctions not covered here so that we can include them in this post for the benefit of other users.

The machine Won’t Run

  • Possible Cause: The air inlet screen is plugged with debris
  • Solution: Thoroughly clean off debris from the air inlet screen.
  • Possible Cause: Not firmly plugged in
  • Solution: Plug the unit in firmly or try another outlet.
  • Possible Cause: Rainbow not properly latched to water basin
  • Solution: Ensure that the side latches of the water basin are locked.
  • Possible Cause: Automatic resetting motor protector has tripped
  • Solution: Turn off the Rainbow. Leave it off for two seconds, then turn it back on.
  • Possible Cause: Defective cord, switch, or machine
  • Solution: Call your Rainbow Distributor or Rainbow Service Center for assistance.

Loss of Airflow

  • Possible Cause: The machine was not correctly positioned on the water basin
  • Solution: Ensure that the machine is properly seated and latched onto the water basin.
  • Possible Cause: Plugged hose, wand attachment, or Power Nozzle
  • Solution: Remove any obstructions from the clogged area.
  • Possible Cause: Incorrect airflow control sleeve setting
  • Solution: Adjust the airflow control sleeve setting on the curved wand.
  • Possible Cause: HEPA Neutralizer needs servicing or replacement
  • Solution: Remove the HEPA Neutralizer and clean it or replace it.
  • Possible Cause: The machine is running on low speed
  • Solution: Turn the power switch to high speed.
  • Possible Cause: The separator is clogged or dirty
  • Solution: Remove the separator and clean it.

Discharges Dust

  • Possible Cause: Low level of water in the basin
  • Solution: Fill the water basin to the correct level.
  • Possible Cause: Excessively dirty water in the basin
  • Solution: Replace the dirty water with clean water.
  • Possible Cause: Hole in HEPA Neutralizer
  • Solution: Call your Rainbow Distributor or Rainbow Service Center for a replacement.

Heavy Foaming of Water in Water Basin

  • Possible Cause: Soapy contaminant in the water basin
  • Solution: Replace the soapy water with clean water.
  • Possible Cause: High level of water in the basin
  • Solution: Empty the water basin and refill it to the correct level.

Musty Odor

  • Possible Cause: Water basin not cleaned or dumped after use
  • Solution: Clean the Basin


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