Cleaning the rainbow  vacuum cleaner

In order to keep your rainbow in perfect condition and performance,  you only have to clean the rainbow separator, this is the only basic maintenance your Rainbow needs.

The Separator

The Separator is one of the most important parts of your Rainbow, and it needs basic maintenance as explained in the video, it is the least thing you can do for your Rainbow. Keeping it in good shape you assure the Rainbow will work in top performance for longer.

if you need a new separator or a wrench/brush cleaning tool, you can find it in our store or buy it right here!

2 thoughts on “How to Cleaning Rainbow separator”

  1. My rainbow vac is 20 years old! I have always quarterly cleaned the separator. Today after removing the top nut, I cannot remove the separator. It feels locked in place. Ideas?

    1. Hi Cindy.
      This happened very often when the Rainbow is left with dirty water for long time when is off or with the basin in place with the Rainbow off. Try to use WD-40 and let actuate the liquid for 30 minutes before to try again to remove the nut and separator.

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