Using Rainbowmate

Using Rainbow-mate is part of our video library, to show you all the possibilities you have with the new Rainbow-mate.

The Rainbow-mate is the perfect companion of your Rainbow, because its small size you can use to clean small upholstery places likes, stairs, car inside, furniture, mattresses, pillows, etc.

The Rainbow-mate is power by 120 volts, which make it very powerful but at the same time gentle to use it.

Rainbowmate details
RainbowMate details

Rainbow vacuum Miami recommends to clean your mattresses only with the Rainbow-mate,  it is designed to be safe in any mattress, because of the rotator brush gentle bristles, you can use it with no worries, even in memory foams tops.

WARNING: do not use the power nozzle to clean the bed, because it can damage your mattresses.

4 thoughts on “Using the Rainbowmate”

  1. Jackie Buchanan

    I turned on my rainbow vacuum and when I touched the trigger it turned off. What is the problem please, thank you , Jackie

    1. vladimir leon

      Hi Jackie.
      This is a very rare problem, I will need more information about the problem, like, are you using the Rainbowmate when the problem happened? what did turn off, the Rainbow or the Rainbowmate?

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